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This blog is available under a Creative Commons BY-SA licence. This means you can basically use my content in whatever way you like, as long as you link to the source and publish your remixes under the same licence. Restrictions apply to all pieces of content that aren’t mine and have been marked as such.


For prominent headlines and small print I use Source Sans Pro, running text is set in Merriweather. Both of those fonts are available under the Open Font License.


To make these lines appear on your screen, a lot of machinery had to spin in the background. The only reason why everything worked so smoothly is WordPress – a free and open piece of software that I can recommend to anyone who wants to publish content on the internet.


My server is run fast, reliably and inexpensively by DigitalOcean. It let’s you set up an SSD based VPS within minutes, including customised OS and preinstalled software. There is a vast repository of tutorials that makes server administration a piece of cake, even for newbies like me. A large community and friendly support team are always there to help. The best thing is that you can use my promo code to sign up, which will get you 10 dollars worth of credit and provide me with a small premium. Win-win!


It is an important principle for me to only gather user data if absolutely necessary. You can comment on this blog without submitting any personal information. IP addresses are only logged in an anonymised way for statistical purposes. Nevertheless, I need to make some important remarks regarding your privacy.


In a few cases, this site uses third-party cookies, and in connection to that, personal information will be transferred to external servers. This is the case with embedded content from platforms like Vimeo and it brings you some benefits like being able to like and save a video with a single click. Apart from that, your data might (and most likely will) also be used to create user profiles for statistical and marketing purposes. Please refer to the privacy policies of Google (for YouTube and Google Maps), Vimeo, Soundcloud and Spotify that apply in these cases.

Not interested in third-party cookies? You can block them on a site-by-site basis or once and for all by changing your browser settings or by installing a plugin like Ghostery. If you need some help, you are welcome to contact me in one of the ways outlined above.


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